Are you Looking for After Tenancy Cleaning Services?

Standard tenancy agreements require that a tenant clears out and clean the house leaving it as it was before they moved in. If your house has not been receiving a keen cleaning, the task could be overwhelming as you work on dirt that has accumulated for a long time. There is a high possibility that you will not do a very good job leading to a dispute with the landlord. Engaging an after tenancy cleaning service can help you avoid this scenario. How do you go about looking for a cleaning service that can do the right job?

Ask around

If you work around many people, there is bound to be one who has recently moved. Ask her about the cleaning service that she used and if she could recommend them. Word of mouth works in many cases, and you don’t have to do a lot of searching and background checks.

The web

There are numerous cleaning services advertising on classifieds on the web.  A simple Google search will give you hundreds of services in your area. The good thing about this is that you are able to contact many service providers at once and make a quick choice. The downside is that there are numerous charlatans ready to take your money and offer shoddy services in return. You have to do proper checks.

The local real estate agent

Real estate agents have networks in the whole tenancy scene. They know good service providers as they will routinely be tasked with preparing houses for tenancy. Ask the local realtor to recommend a good after tenancy cleaning service. This is also a quick way of getting a good service. The downside is that the realtor will want a piece of the action so your costs will go up as the cleaning service passes on the agent’s commission to you.

Social media

There are numerous groups on the social networks that chatter about domestic stuff like cleaning and laundry. If you join these groups, you will find many recommendations.  The good thing is that these groups act like review groups meaning if you see a cleaning service that has several good reviews it can fit your needs.

You can also post that you need a cleaning service and you will be surprised at the number of people who are willing to forward you contacts with glowing recommendations. Due diligence is called for in this case.

Getting contacts for an after tenancy cleaning service is easy. Getting a good one all depends on how properly you vet them.