Looking for Affordable End of Tenancy Cleaning London?

If you are looking for an end of tenancy cleaning london, you will lack not choices. There are hundreds of cleaning services. The trick lies in finding one that is affordable yet can do good work. This is crucial as any shoddy work will undoubtedly be disputed by the landlord. Indeed, most disputes seen over the tenancy deposit arise from the landlord disputing the standard of end of tenancy cleaning that has been done. The landlord will want to keep your deposit to pay for a repeat of the work if it is not done right the first time. How can you get a good affordable end of tenancy cleaning service?

Rely on word of mouth

People will always want to make recommendations on such and such great service that they have used before. Ask around, and you will get tens of recommendations.

Ask for price quotes

Cleaning services are always in stiff competition with each other. Ask for price quotes, and they will gladly offer. You can pick 3-5 price quotes to work with.  When looking for a price quote, look at the whole package rather than the price alone. A cheap service may be offering very light services while a higher priced service could have a value package including doing the garden and the outside.

Walk in interview

Sales agents will be very comfortable quoting high prices to an unseen face. While calling or doing an email is simple and convenient, it sometimes pays to have face to face with the cleaning service. This will help you in different ways; you will be able to assess the capability of the cleaning service. Many cleaning services online are shells that scramble to put together a crew and hire equipment when a job comes up. You can eliminate jokers.

You will also be able to negotiate better. Face to face haggling always works better than talking to an unseen person. You can throw in a word or two about how tight money is while you really need to move.

Prepare a bit

While many cleaning services will readily take on any scope of cleaning jobs,  the cleaner doing the job may not feel very comfortable working on some stuff like dirty underwear,  pet waste or hazardous waste.

You can do a bit of tidying up so that the workers will immediately get to work instead of working on non-essentials. Picking dirty underwear off the floor, flushing the toilet and emptying the trash are some of the tasks you can easily do. A happy cleaner is likely to do a satisfactory job.