Leave your house spotless with End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning is one from the most important types of cleaning because it influences your next place to live. If you are accepted or not at a new place to live in, it depends on how you leave the house: clean or not. We can help you to get a perfectly clean house to let a good impression to your ex lodger. Our end of tenancy cleaners are always available for you and they can clean your house even if it is a holiday or at a late hour. Citi Clean works around the clock.

We know how important an end of tenancy cleaning can be and that is why we have the best professional cleaners in town for you. It is absolutely necessary to leave the house with respect for your lodger and to do it peaceful. So, our end of tenancy cleaners will take care of all rooms, surfaces, furniture and electronic appliances from house to be perfectly clean for the next tenant.

End of tenancy is an exhausting action for everyone and it takes a lot of time because before cleaning you need to package everything, to find a car to carry them and only after that you start cleaning. Usually, almost all the furniture and other usual things from the house as electronic appliances, glasses and so on are from your lodger, so you need to take care of them and let them clean.

Why you should choose us and our end of lease cleaning in London?

Because you can be sure that every place, corner and things from house will be deep clean. You will not see any corner or place uncleaned, even if it was hard to clean. We are sure that if you will do it by yourself, you do not clean every corner because it is annoying and hard, so you need proficiency and patience.

Because we use the best cleaning chemicals for cleaning! They clean very fast and good all the surfaces, but also they do not contain some toxic substances that can affect a man health.

Because you can be sure that the house will be completely cleaned and sanitized. We use antibacterial cleaning products that will remove almost all the bacteria from your carpets or furniture.

It can last a little bit longer, because we at Cleaning Helpers want to get you a perfect clean house! But, do not worry about the price! This kind of service is paid depending on how much rooms we have to clean!