General cleaning secrets can help you finish the process quickly

Although it is one of the best things that you can do to maintain the status of your house and environment, general cleaning is usually a tedious process that many would rather avoid altogether. Whether you are looking to conduct some basic cleaning or deep cleaning, the entire process can take forever especially without adequate preparation. There are certain tips and tricks that can obviously help to shorten the cleaning process, as well as help to make it less boring and time-consuming. If you have a general cleaning scheduled soon, these general cleaning secrets can help you finish the process in half the time:

Develop a working system

The secret to reducing your cleaning time by half starts by developing a working system. The system that you create should be used in the same order for every general cleaning routine. It helps to pick an order in which the cleaning process will start from one room to another which will prevent you from wasting time going back and forth. You will find that this method is inherently better for cleaning because it also means that you can do it quickly without necessarily hurrying.

Start from top to bottom

Although you may be tempted to try and start the cleaning process from top to bottom, do not start general cleaning by wiping the coffee table then the blinds; the blinds will most likely coat your newly cleaned table, which will make the process redundant. Starting from the top then moving on to bottom components will ensure that you cover the length of the room without having to dart from place to place.

Squeegee your windows

If you are not getting the shine that you want with Windex and newspapers, you should consider purchasing a squeegee to make clean up effortless. Professional grade window squeegees are incredibly affordable and are widely accessible to ensure that your windows are completely streak-free upon completion.

Keep your tools ready

Having all the necessary cleaning tools and products on standby will help you to avoid wasting time because everything that you need will be at arm’s length. It also helps to fill your apron or carpenter’s belt with items that you may need such as small cleaning spray bottles and sponges.

Be proactive

The best way to reduce your cleaning time is to be proactive in the first place. Being proactive means putting a stop to problems before they occur. For instance, you can pour boiling hot water down the drain to prevent oils and food stuff from accumulating.