Moving to the UK

As everyone knows, each country has its own regulations that it is essential to know and understand when moving.
As regards the formalities concerning your change of address with different organizations, you will find the necessary information online.

Truck rental for your journey

truck rentalIt’s very easy to have a truck for rent in uk, there are many agencies that help you get any type of truck within the country, prices are affordable and roads are good, besides the rainy climate ,moving to the Uk will be the best experience you’ll ever have, so don’t waste any time.


First of all lets talk about  the issue of finding housing. Note that most of the apartments offered for rent are already furnished, which can be an advantage if you organize yourself and your move has little furniture. You can easily rent a moving truck and book a place on board of any ferry. However, if you are charged you will need to use the services of a professional mover so that it supports the administrative procedures and formalities. Remember that your move can be supported by your company as part of a mutation.

Whatever your situation in Britain (employed or actively looking), you should ask the equivalent of Social Security Number: National Insurance Number. Nevertheless, as long as you do not have this issue sure to be still covered in case of need for health benefits. To do this, get your European Health Insurance Card. This will allow you to enjoy the same access to public healthcare like British nationals. This card will allow you to get the care you need since your move will be carried out and until your National Insurance Number is issued. Note however that this card does not cover expenses for care by private providers.

After removal, the process for obtaining a NIN depends on whether you are employed or looking for work. If you are employed you will need to call the office issuing the NIN ( Job Center near you) and ask to register. You will need to provide some supporting documents such as employment contracts, demographic information … Looking forward to getting your NIN, Inland Revenue provide you with a temporary number which taxation is very high (once you get your own NIN ,you can request a refund).

If you are actively looking for job, you will justify (document proving your registration in recruitment agencies, copy of letters of application) … As in the first case, make an appointment with a Job Center and put together a maximum of documents related to your job search.rent_a_truck

In any case, during the appointment, you will have to justify your identity,that’s why it’s necessary to bring with you at least two of the following documents: passport, marriage certificate, birth certificate, driver’s license. Before signing the form, check that all registered information is correct, you will receive your National Insurance Number by mail. The card will be sent within 4 to 6 weeks.

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